Today was a family excursion day. we went down to Houston. First, we went to Rice Village and had tapas for lunch at Mi Luna. I love food, especially good food. We shared seven different tapas between us. I had hot cinnamon chai tea. We had Croquetas de Patatas, Pollo Relleno, Patatas Verdes, Plato de Salmon Ahumado, Pizza de Mariscos, Salmon a Noso Estilo, and B'Stilla, which was maybe my favorite. It is a Moroccan chicken pie with cinnamon almonds wrapped in phyllo dough. I thought it was interesting that the Moroccan culture has so infused Spain that a Moroccan dish would show up in a Spanish tapas resturant in Houston. I like this picture of Mom and Dad, even though it's a little out of focus you can feel how enjoyable the moment was.

After lunch we went to Texas Artist Supply. I got a portfolio to put samples in for my interview on Wednesday, and the Communication Arts Photography Annual. I have been spending a lot of time with the camera recently. Photography is a powerful medium. People, as skeptical as they are, will believe a photo. It is accepted as truth and that is powerful.

Then we went to the Museum of Natural Science in Houston to see Lucy. A lot of the exhibit was about Ethiopia. It was interesting. I never really think of Ethiopia as a country rich with culture and history, really the cradle of all humanity. I always think of hunger and political strife and poverty. I wasn't quite sure if they were leaving out the nasty parts because of some agreement with the country since they loaned us one of the greatest treasures of paleoarcheology or if they were honestly trying to show the depth of culture and history of the country. Lucy was small, like a child; fossilized fragments of a being over 3 million years old. She walked upright, but I wonder how much she was really like us. I wonder if she was aware of herself. I am always unexpectedly moved by things. I know there are a lot of people and groups against Lucy being here at all because of her importance and fragility, so I am glad I got to see her, it was probably my only chance.

Chinatsu Ban

Our last stop was the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. We went to the Red Hot Asian Art exhibit. It was a fun exhibit. The work was an eclectic mix of candy colored sculptures, video installations, huge colorful paintings, and thoughtfully disturbing photos. I think I was drawn most to the painting by Chinatsu Ban. One of her paintings is displayed here, but it is not the one at the exhibit. I'm not yet sure why I like them, but I saw postcards of more of her work and was drawn to them before I knew it was the same artist. So there is something there, for me at least.