It all started out so innocently. I had to trim down some mat board and the easiest place to do it is on the big paper cutter at work. As I was getting ready to leave two pairs of big watery brown eyes stared up expectantly. I decided that they could come along it would be a fun ride for them, so me and my two pugs got in the car and headed off for town. Now the press was a new place for them full of weird smells and since it's a little more like a garage than a house or maybe just because they are bad boys, one of them decided to lift their leg on the large stack of newly printed letterhead for the president. (oh shit.) Luckily they are small dogs and the pee didn't soak the whole stack so I removed the damp pieces, wiped down the dolly, and restacked the still white letterhead. The offended letterhead has been stowed away in a box in the trunk of my car. I took the dogs home and in a fit of paranoia I went back to the scene of the crime (I would never make a very good criminal.) I acquired an accomplice who shall remain nameless (Craig) to help me look for any additional piss. We also dusted powder on the dolly I had previously wiped down to make it match the others. Thus ends the dog piss caper. I think I will confess at the first possible chance.