I've been feeling a little off kilter in a couple of ways. I am having trouble balancing what my mind wants with what my body wants. I want to read and learn new software and draw and make websites and soak in the hot bath with a cup of peppermint tea and just let my mind wander from an idea to a daydream to a peaceful bit of nothingness. I also want to go for hikes and ride my bike and take the kayak out and do yoga on the back porch and learn to do a handstand and stretch and sweat and take the dogs into the woods and see how many push ups I can do and swim and just move. I always fall into doing one or the other. I have to find balance. I need both. I need to allow myself to do both and not get so wrapped up in one or the other. I also need balance at work. I have no place where I can just be. I always happy or sad, relaxed or tense, I need to find a middle ground a place where I can just work. Really, I need my own space, and I have needed that for a really long time. So heres my new resolution. I must give time to both my body and mind, to stretch my brain and my hamstrings to be a happy and balanced person.

My Stuff:

I finished reading the His Dark Materials trilogy and have move on to Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I just started it but I already like the author simply because she doesn't use any one religion to define God just like me, which is really, really hard to find (as in, I have never, ever found it before).

I am getting so excited about the Maker Faire I know it's still over a month away but I think it's going to be so fun. I love makers!

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