I am a mess. I have been on a quest to embrace my messiness for a little over a month now and it has been very liberating. I wear my green shoes to work even if the outfit would generally be worn with dress shoes. I refused to brush my hair one day waking up with a bed head full of waves I sort of scrunched them about and walked out the door. I stopped worrying about the house, about unfinished projects, about my handwriting, about my tendencies to misplace things. I figure if I have tried to fix these things for the last 28 years, maybe they ain't never gonna be fixed. Maybe they don't have to. Keri Smith has a blog entry today about her messy life and it made me smile. I decided to do this little exercise. Here are a list of things that are on my floor right now:

enough hairballs to create a new dog :: a nickel :: a button :: a gold foil candy wrapper :: a dead wasp :: a screw :: a handmade tile in the shape of a leaf :: squares of muted colored paper :: a euro :: dirty socks :: a chewed up toilet paper roll :: a yellow gel pen :: pomegranate seeds :: an orange towel :: a bottle cap :: a solitary earring :: a piece of fused glass :: dirt :: a pencil :: a mint tea wrapper :: a piece of linen paper that I wrote, "I'm doing OK." on :: stuffing from a dead dog toy :: a granola bar wrapper :: a peach pit :: and a receipt