I have been trying to find a clever way to share the things I am looking at online on my blog. When I try to integrate them into my posts it just seems forced, and if I just add them at the end they just seem too lonely. I've decided I will just save them up and post them once a week. So here goes the first post...

This week I found the blog Crap Detector! It is a blog for graphic design students at Mississippi State University. It has great posts and loads of cool links to check out. It made me long to be a student again. I also found Rob Ryan's blog and consumed the contents of Jen Corace's blog think think, stare stare. I found The Whale Hunt. It is an experiment in storytelling through photography, pretty awesome. From the same guy who made, also awesome. Here are a few other blogs that I check out pretty much all the time: wish jar, Design*Sponge, Camilla Engman's blog, ProcessRecess, and Cool Hunting. I spent a lot of time looking at meomi cloud house which is insanely cute! Hope you find something new. Til next week...maybe.