One month down in twothousandeight already! I feel like I'm going to have to step it up if I want to accomplish anything this year. Here are my goals for February.

  • create two finished illustrations that I like and feel are portfolio worthy
  • create the one paper cut piece (it's in my head)
  • start a contact list of 20 illustration clients that I would like to work for
  • upload my design portfolio so that interested parties can download it
  • learn something new to make myself a better photographer
  • get business cards printed

That's a lot for a short month, not very focused am I? We will see how far I get.

After two weeks I am dumping the idea of posting links weekly. maybe monthly. maybe sporadically. maybe never again.

The above picture is the self-timer self-portrait challenge over at Shutter Sisters. I do love toes.