Anniversaries :: Steve and I celebrated seven years yesterday. It was nice, we gave each other food. He picked me up one of my favorites, the veggie chef salad from Cafe Express and a new book, Willful Creatures by Aimee Bender. I got him a sausage and pepperoni Papa John's pizza and a chance to win several million dollars. We sat around and ate our dinners and watched the first part of the HBO John Adams series and watched it rain. There was a bunny in the yard sitting under a bush waiting out the rain. I watched it saunter off when it slowed to a drizzle, stopping to munch on weeds. I sent it a little bunny-mind-speak message, "Go eat the weeds in the garden." Believe it or not, I got a message back, "I will visit your garden as soon as you plant your veggies." We got these lovely begonias from Steve's mom, we got a dinner date from Gina, and we got a night at a local winery bed and breakfast from my parents. It will be a super relaxing and yummy escape. I can't wait!

Assholes :: In other news, I had a crap day at work. I hate getting mad, because when I get mad, I cry. Then all I can think is "don't cry" and not what I want to be thinking which is some bitingly witty remark that proves that this person is being a complete and total asshole who isn't pleased no matter how hard anyone tries to do anything which is probably why we feel like doing nothing, because if you get shit on for doing nothing at least you didn't put any effort into it. The miserable part is that I was really happy with what I had done. I guess I should use this as motivation to work on my own stuff, to find a way to move on.

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