Spent the day in the garden today, pulling out thorny vines and weeds until my hands are sore and my arms are scored with tiny pink line where the brambles raked across my skin. I planted several different kinds of basil, two cherry tomatoes, some peppermint, lemon balm, bee balm, and lantana.

I rearranged my outdoor furniture so that it sits in a little grouping on the side porch, under the shade of the balcony, looking out at the side garden. The perfect place for a cup of tea.



I also found this chrysalis in the dirt of one of my beds. It is still alive, when you squeeze it lightly it wiggles. I thought I might of knocked it off something when I was terrorizing the weeds. I took it over to Gina's house thinking she would be able to find a way to attach it to something to let it hatch. She knew what it was and said that it was a big moth and the chrysalis belonged in the dirt. So I took it home and reburied it in the garden.