A new year starts tomorrow. My resolutions are ready:


1. DRAW: I am going to draw more, doodle, goof off, keep up with a sketch book, not worry so much about what or why I am drawing. Just draw.

2. RUN: I started running this year and next year, as far as exercise goes, I think this will be my first year of running. I have gotten over that hump where running is just too hard and am looking forward to going further and faster. Maybe doing some races and just enjoying a simple exercise that I can do anywhere at anytime.

3. READ: 2008 was an enormous goal of reading 100 books. I didn't make it. I read 45. This year all I am resolving to do is read one more than last year.

4. PLAY!

5. LEARN: Last year I had a lot of fun taking pictures and playing with my camera. This year I am going to buckle down and actually learn the ins and outs of my camera the different things it can do and that I can do with it so that I will improve my photography.

That's it. I decided it is a year of improving. I tend to take on new things, try new things, learn new things which is fun but it means I don't spend a lot of time on one thing and do that thing well. So here's to doing things well in 2009!

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