backseat dogs 650

2010. Here it is already a new year. I like the newness, making my lists, starting new things, planning ahead. This should be a pretty eventful year for us. Steve will graduate and start his new job. I will get to quit my job and focus on something new for myself. We will have to say goodbye to living in our little blue house for now and try on being city folk. There should be lots of new adventures. We will get to go skiing in New Mexico and explore San Francisco and Yosemite just in the first three months of this new year. New friends. New place to live. New things to explore.

I have my little list of goals. I am going to try to draw almost every day. Take a photo a day for Project 365 on Flickr. I have a goal of reading 50 books (so maybe a little less hulu in 2010). I want to start putting together an illustration portfolio and hopefully I will show up a little more here because I plan to blog/journal more in 2010. My list has a couple of the old standbys too. I want to exercise at least 3 times a week (doable) and learn to cook some tasty veggie meals.

Somewhere between Christmas and New Years Steve and I took all the pups for a hike at the state park. I took this photo of everyone riding home in the backseat. This next year should be a bit more of that. There will be less apart and more together next year for my tiny family. I think that will probably be the best part. Adios 2009, let the adventure continue!