I wasn't happy about how my last illo turned out, and I felt like I was too attached to the line, and it wasn't very dynamic. I wanted an exercise where I could just allow myself to play with colors and textures, and let the shape be the shape without drawing a line around everything. When I started this isn't what I thought I was going to end up with. I guess I never really do know what my finished piece will look like I am more working towards an idea. Do you know how your work will turn out or do you surprise yourself?

For this exercise I enlisted the help of my rock collection. The very things I wanted to experiment with were the reason I pocketed these dull gems in the first place. These guys were collected on a rocky bank of the Colorado River in Utah. I was with a group of friends and it was fun to see what rocks everyone gravitated too. Some picked up rocks for their function; which ones would stack best, were the easiest to juggle, or skip across the surface of the river, and others like me were attracted to textures, the way the warm stone felt against your cheek, or colors and textures, unique spots, perfect stripes, odd veining, bright colors that appear when you dunk them in the cold water. What makes your pockets heavy?