to exist. to live. A friend of mine stuck this tiny little word in my head the other day and I've been doodling it in my sketchbook, learning to draw letters with my brush pen, making thick and thin lines that twirl, stumble, and stutter across the page. Just two little letters, but how hard it is to learn to just be when all the world is ruled by those two other letters DO. What do you do? You better think of something quick so I can assign you worth. Doing is not the problem with doing, it's how we let it define each other, how we let it make us feel worthless if we aren't doing what everyone else is doing, if we aren't being paid enough to do, if our doing isn't serious enough. I know it plagues my brain, Am I doing enough, is my doing getting me where I want to go? What can I say, I'm still learning to be.