The end of the year is upon us and I didn't quite blog as much as I would have liked too. I think I became so focused on it being an illustration blog I lost the having fun part of it all. So there is a resolution to start off right away. I officially give myself the freedom to blog about whatever I like, science, nature, adventure, art, crafty experiments, books, design, and any other thing I fall in love with.

Here is an illo inspired design job I did for the university I work with. It's the university's holiday card. Inspired by paper cuts it was actually printed two color. Red with a black drop shadow, to give the illusion of depth. The printed piece came out pretty good and we die cut the cloud form at the top. I really like paper cuts. I've done several paper cut dog portraits, and I would love to play with the idea some more. (add to 2011 list!)

Well for aesthetic reasons I was hoping that my post would run to the end of the illustration, but the sunshine and my sketchbook are calling my name! Adios!