Since my birthday is so close to New Year's I usually give myself a nine day grace period before trying to kick off any official goals. This year I'm smashing new year's and my birthday together and making this list I've seen around. Here is 32 things I will try to do while I'm 32. 
  1. actually complete a Project 365
  2. donate blood (at least twice)
  3. see a Whooping Crane
  4. take Polaroids
  5. spend an entire day doing nothing but walking
  6. ride my bike to Austin
  7. blow bubble rings
  8. visit a new state park
  9. try SUP
  10. bake bread from scratch
  11. stay overnight at a winery
  12. go rollerblading
  13. do a pull up
  14. grow things
  15. learn the names of trees
  16. stay up late for a meteor shower
  17. take pictures of star trails
  18. wear more dresses
  19. make things and give them away
  20. find new books that inspire me
  21. curse less
  22. keep chickens
  23. sleep in my backyard
  24. volunteer more
  25. make 32 more lists
  26. maintain a perpetual calendar
  27. make a gocco print
  28. do something creative most every day
  29. find and eat wild greens
  30. use the reusable shopping bags every time
  31. start learning a new language
  32. travel somewhere new

Happy New Year to you. Happy Birthday to me.