Last Sunday I started my Green Smoothie Challenge! I've been making and drinking these greenies since I read Green for Life, but not with any real consistency. Now I'm trying to drink a blender-full of smoothie a day for the next 30 days. I guess like any regimen the people who are invested in it claim that I will feel all sorts of healthy benefits from getting more greens and be rejuvenated. That would be awesome. For me right now it's more about getting back into healthy habits. More veggies can never hurt, and it's not too hard for me. I really like the smoothies. Here is a list of some of the reasons to try out green smoothies! Some of the reasons given still sound like silly new age wack-a-doo science to me (of the lists googled I felt this list had the least of that) but I am a believer in the powers of the fruits and veggies, so go blenders go! If anything amazing happens I'll let you know ;o)