Today was bike tune-up day, so I hauled my favorite blue two-wheeled friend down to West Ends Bikes. Steve and I got our bikes this past fall and I've been happily pedaling around the neighborhood ever since. With the MS 150 approaching I knew I was going to be doing some longer rides soon, and I've always been a bit worried about getting stranded with a flat, far from home. I asked about the needed supplies and the West Enders were amazing (as always) not only did I get all the things I need to fix a flat, I got lessons, and while they tuned up the bike, they went ahead and attached all my new goodies to my bike, can you spot my new little pump?

Me and my new bearded West Ender friend were chatting away while I got my little lesson and I mentioned that I had been sick, his friend had it, it's going around, and no one can shake it, just chit chat. So when I came to pick up the bike, he asked if I wanted some vitamin C. I said sure, thinking he had a vitamin C chew or something, but nope he pulled out a pile of homegrown organic ruby red grapefruit and loaded me up. Made my day!


I have nothing but good things to say about this place. I love the way it smells (think cozy garage), I love the overly affectionate roaming cat, and I love the people. Being new to something (like bikes) can be really daunting, and so many times when you enter that new world it's inhabitants are so used to living there they can just talk right over your head and make things even more daunting. The staff here has never done that, they have always been informative and helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. 

Guess what I'm having for dinner? Magic bicycle grapefruit.