I recently joined the club and bought an iPhone. I thought I would like it, but I love it! The photog in me is addicted to all the photo apps, and I even purchased this lens for my phone over at photojojo. If you are a part of the craze or what to follow along I Instagram at undertheopensky, my instagrid is here if you wanna see before you follow or if you just don't have an iPhone. I've restarted the always unfinished Project 365 as an iPhone project and I post that to my tumblr here and soonish I plan to add an iPhone picture gallery to my photo section of this site. I try to post different images in different places so if your eyeballs don't get bored, but I don't always pull that off. Yes, I'm obsessed, but in a good way.


These were taken with the Hipstamatic app. Lucifer + BlackKeys Super Grain for fellow Hipstas.