Since I do such a great job of keeping up this blog I started a new one! Yeah. Well. We do OK. Luckily I have a blogging buddy for this adventure and we have started blogging on again off again about vegetarian eats. If you are one of the few who have been checking in on me over a longish haul you know that from time to time this has almost become a food blog, most of those posts have been deleted, but because it is a big interest of mine I decided to make a place for that on the web. Lauren does a lot of experiments in the kitchen. I make green smoothies. She runs. I sprout mung beans. If you are into that sort of thing, come check us out at

If you are here for the designer/illustrator Jess and could care less what I eat, I post for you this header, which I made with my mad skillz. That's me and Lauren, killing broccoli. :D