I've been wanting to post a little more of my design work here. The beginning of the year was full of big fun projects, the last of them is just about to wrap up. Here is a little one I got to do recently and I thought I could post a quick before and after.

The assignment was a new clean logo for a hair salon in my home town. I was excited about the challenge. I wanted something more spa like and sophisticated. So many independent hair salons end up with really cheesy signs (and names.) Rule numero uno for me was NO SHEARS in the logo. My first tries involved shearing the entire word "Headquarters" I liked it and it almost made the cut (sorry bad puns) but luckily it didn't go through because I like the final even better.

It may be an obvious solution, but it took me a while to distill Headquarters down to HQ, but once my brain made that connection the rest clicked and we ended up with clean and green and simple. Below you can check out what they had before.


It's a great little place to get your hair cut (or colored or styled.) If you are in the area, I highly reccommend giving them a try!