It's kinda of funny that now we have a bazillion megapixels and the ability to make absolutely perfect pictures we find all different kinds of ways to torture the crap out of those poor perfect pixels. Here is my newest lo-fi accident, that I'm sort smitten with.

I was printing out a black and white version of this photo on some crappy plain copy paper just to use the image for reference for a sketch and when it came out of the printer all the smooshy graininess made the image that I initially dismissed sort of dreamy and beautiful. So I ignored my 12.3 megapixels and scanned the crappy inkjet print right back in.

After playing with the color for a bit I ended up lining up the original photo with the scan, blurring the colored image and then fussing with the transparency and saturation until I got this image.

It simutaneously reminds me of Love Story and the Heinrich Kühn exhibit we went to recently at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Is it bad that as I walked through the exhibit my brain went to, "How can I pull this off in photoshop?"

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