Well my one-a-days are off to a slow start. I guess that was expected. I had it in my head that Monday, when I got back, I would be on it. Instead my flight was delayed, I got home in the early morning to fall asleep for a bit and then sleepwalk through Monday. I couldn't find the sketchbook I wanted in all of Huntsville so I ordered one on amazon only to get one with a big dent in almost all the pages. By Wednesday I was writing in a different book while waiting on the replacement. Today was my first drawing day. Honestly I can't turn off the critic. I want to do the pages over. I don't like how my handwriting ends up all slanty at the end of the first page. My salamander is too short in the body, my fiddlehead spiral is too fat in one section, the word "ideas" runs into the gutter and I don't particularly like the way the ink is laying down with these new brush pens. whew. That's out.

I'm going to just keep going and I will post my daily spreads here mostly because I said I would.



It will be ok.