"It has been partly such play with scale that has drawn my attention to the intervals between events, to what is happening when 'nothing' is happening. The meaning of two hands clapped is fixed in the soundless interval between the claps. Just so, the meaning of our experience is held in the infinitely short intervals between our sensory perceptions."  

"She was herself only when alone. I used to watch her brace herself for people; even, occasionally for me. And then watch her straight narrow back relax, her shoulders drop a little, as she set out for a walk. A few steps away from the house and her feet would begin to skim."


"When I got my glasses, gold-rimmed and prim, to match my little gold pigtails, I was astounded by detail. Leaves were particularly  surprising, so distinct and so separate. I was catapulted into a wholly new world, as if I had been reborn. Everything had to be rethought. I remember going around and looking, checking out to see in the new way what I knew the old way. The thing that struck me was the clarity, the precision, the multiplicity of individuality. The world had always been an actively moving, enticing blur to me before, a sort of challenge I had to make sense of by guesswork because it presented itself as a mystery."


Anne Truitt, Daybook

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