I've had Todd Oldham's Charley Harper book around for a while. I love flipping through it and looking at all of Harper's work. Since starting grad school I've been looking at a lot more books like this, books filled with images. When is a book like this really read? For me I've decided "reading" a book of images means that I have to spend time with each of the images, really look at what's going on and pay attention to what I respond to. Books like this often offer some sort of bio or story and give information about the artwork and it's artist. In the past I've flipped past a lot of this and focused on images, but in Jess' new rules of reading art books for grad school I have to read the words as well as spend time with the work. This book offered a conversation between Todd Oldham and Mr. Harper. I enjoyed the candidness of this format. Here are my favorite bits:  

"Do whatever work attracts you, do it as well as you can and keep on doing it, and something will happen sooner or later."


"It's believing in yourself and getting to a method of working that you can believe in, that expresses what you feel about everything, and sicking to it. And perfecting it. I don't know any other way. But you always should be doing what satisfies you, what makes you feel good inside."