My message is amuse yourself... It is essential to just be in it for yourself, to do the things that interest you, to do the things that amuse yourself. You should be doing that first and foremost, and not as a trivial afterthought. If you fall into the right job, you should be there for your own fun. Doing that is not being flaky, or being irresponsible, or being childish; doing it is taking the first step to making your work special and memorable and important and worthwhile. Before anything is going to get inside a reader or a viewer or a listener and just stick in their gut, it’s got to stick in your gut first.


Don’t wait for permission from anyone to make the work you want to make. Don’t wait for that special job, don’t wait for anything. Start right away. Just start. Even if you are not sure how to get there, just start. Show it to people, get instruction, get advice, push forward one step at a time. That’s how things happen, that’s how good things happen. And just try things, try one thing and another, try things until luck kicks in. Luck will always kick in.


– Ira Glass, 2012 CUNY Commencement Ceremony

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