Here are the first set of revisions from last week. I get busy and forget to post. I really enjoyed Mike walking through my image with me and discussing how to make it stronger both as a image AND as visual story. The first thing we did was flip the whole image. If I want to lead people into an image with the rabbit than it makes sense to lead them in going the direction that they read. We also talked about using shadow to frame things or tell more of the story. In this image the rabbit was leading two characters into the scene so it made sense to say that with a clever shadow. We also talked about pushing the background further back by diminishing contrast and detail. After I showed him this, he suggested that I lose even more contrast in the next revision. And I also tried to use his advice about keeping my viewers eye in the image instead of having it slip through but being more conscious of how I was framing the images and the subjects within the image. It was so enjoyable to get such sound advice and use it to improve my work.