A semester ended and a new one began. I am half way through my MFA program. So much has happened in the last year and in the last residency. I cannot imagine my life without VCFA people in it.

I'm excited to begin a new semester. I'm on the lookout for a new, more accesible, story to use as a visual development project. I am even flirting with the idea of rewriting a story to make it my own. I get to keep working with Mike Yamada via Motivarti. We've only met a few times and I get so much from each chat. And I know, like each semester before it, this one will have surprises in store. I will go where I hadn't expected to be, and be glad for it.

Above is my last piece from last semester. I painted an environment with my faculty advisor's pooch in it as a gallery surprise for our residency show.