We are less than a month away from starting the trail—YES, I said WE! A few weeks ago my husband Steve decided that he wanted to go from supporting my solo hike, to transforming my solo hike into a not-so-solo adventure, and I couldn't be more stoked! Luckily, thesis madness has slowed down. My thesis book is at the printer and the art for the show is framed. I'm still getting ready for my last residency at VCFA, but I can see the light at the end of this MFA tunnel and my focus has shifted to trail prep.

We are getting Steve geared up quick! We've been hiking around to break in his new boots. He is scouring forums for what gear is the best (much more diligently than I ever did), and we are prepping the household to hibernate while we are in hobo mode.

A few days ago, I was practicing my hammock set up and learning new knots, the weather said that a thunderstorm would be coming through that afternoon so I decided to let it roll in on top of me and see how the set up faired. I was doing ok until suddenly the wind picked up. By the time ice chunks started falling from the sky, the wind had ripped all my stakes out of the ground and I had run for cover. The storm knocked out our power and the power for most of the town. We escaped the dark house and joined the rest of the town in one of the restaurants that still had power. Steve glanced in the rear-view as we drove in to see a double rainbow thrown across the storm clouds. We pulled over so I could snap a photo.

I am not a person who thinks there is some inherent meaning in things. I am a person who makes meaning. So for us, this prismatic double arch of refracted sunlight will be a good omen. I have decided this ROY-G-BIV smile is the universe letting me know that this last residency at VCFA will be amazing and our hike will be absolutely epic!