My list of things to draw and ways to experiment with images and words is a growing pile of unrealized ideas. But I just stack them up in a lump of potential and pick out things to do when I have time and energy. Adding and experimenting with motion is one of those things that I finally yanked from underneath the heap and starting messing around with.


In my first image I started working on an idea I had for animated type. This idea was an "I" that I want to use in the phrase "I wonder." It was a lot of fun.

My second experiment was a moment I wanted to capture when a butterfly landed on my pug's head while we were on a walk. Part of the challenge of this gif was that I wanted to finish it in one day so some of the motion elements I'd like to come back to later and refine.

Both of these were created using frame animation in Photoshop. I'd like to continue to work with motion; animated illustrations, animated type, movement in comics; and experiment with new ways to make the software work for me.