My blog always falls into disuse. It's quite a bit of time and energy to create a good blog post. But I've recently been inspired to try sharing a few new things in a few new ways, so I'm going to try sharing what's got my attention on a weekly basis.

My husband calls the media we consume "inputs"—food for our biological computers clicking away in our heads. So I'm going to be posting a weekly list of my favorite inputs. Maybe you will find something to distract, inspire, or create with here:


Ink Cards :: This app creates and mails a postcard from your phone. Almost everyone I love that has any interest in my new little man can hop on Facebook and see him anytime, but my grandma stays off the computer and off social media, so this app has been the perfect way to physically send her updates and pictures of her new great-grandson with none of the hassle of having to get off my butt and actually do anything. Bonus: I feel like a good granddaughter when I send off the newest photo of my son being the cutest baby ever. PS: If you want to try it let me know, if I send you an invite we both get a free card!


One of my friends asked for new lullabies on Facebook and this song was my favorite response.

We also got hear new-to-us artists Hamp & Janet this past weekend. One of my favorite songs they sang was called Strawberries. It gave me that happy-sad heart-achey feeling in the middle of my chest. You can listen to it here.


Show your Work by Austin Kleon :: I just finished this book! I'm going to try some of his suggestions about sharing more stuff, and sharing more constructively (this was the book that inspired me to start this post!) but I'm going to ignore other suggestions; I will probably always post pictures of babies and puppies forever and ever.

Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer :: I read this a while back, but I had to take my post-its out of it for its trip back to the library. It's definitely a shelf-worthy keeper of a book. One of the paragraphs I especially loved I thought I'd share:

I take great pleasure in gathering plants, filling my basket with roots and leaves. Usually I go with a specific plant in mind, when it’s time for elderberries or the bergamot is heavy with oils. But it’s the wandering itself that has such appeal, the unexpected discoveries while looking for something else. I get the same feeling in the library. It’s so very much like picking berries—the peaceful field of books, the concentrated attention of the search, and the knowledge that hidden somewhere in the thicket is something worth finding.
— Gathering Moss, Robin Wall Kimmerer


Did you know there was a #slimemoldsundays hashtag? There is, and I want to participate!


So this list will be devoid of TV and movies for the most part. As I previously mentioned, our household has a new tiny human, and once he started glancing over at episodes of Orange is the New Black I did a little googling and found this article. TL;DR version: Kids shouldn't watch TV before they are two. So there is an old quilt thrown over the TV for now. It's probably good for all of us. I think I get to sleep better with no TV viewing at night. If I WAS going to watch something it would be Kubo and the Two Strings!! But it looks like I'll be waiting on it to come to Redbox. I'll live.