I probably spend too much time messing with photos on my phone. I consider it my "game." I don't play Two Dots or Angry Birds or whatever; I play pictures. So today I'm going to share two of my newest apps that take my still photos and make them move.

Burstio :: Have you ever captured a funny moment or bit of movement with your camera's burst mode? But then what? This app lets you make those bursts into little videos or gifs and gives you a few options on speed, and format. The catch is it only recognizes the camera's bursts. Thus the need for the next app on the list.

Gif Maker :: This app lets you make gifs out of video clips or any series of photos on your phone. It only makes gifs and has some other limitations but it's free and fun, and let's you run your photos through any editing or filtering apps first before you create the moving file. I'm having fun making some happy baby gifs! *Now that I am looking for links I see there might be better options.


The Three Little Pugs :: There was good news on Facebook yesterday! Fellow pug mom and illustrator, Nina Victor Crittenden, announced that she is coming out with a new book. It is her debut as an author/illustrator and the book stars pugs! Me and Luna are excited.

A Child of Books :: I also saw that Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston collaborated on a picture book, you can see the book trailer here. Looks purdy.


Lucy Knisley :: Lucy is a new mom too, just a month behind me and my baby bean. Suggest her feed to any new mom to get friend points! Her comics are perfect and funny and heart-warming.


Finally, if you have ever pondered the trolley/train philosophical thought experiment, you might appreciate this two-year-old who, without hesitation, comes up with the answer. Out of the mouths of babes, uhoh.